English Literature

English Literature


Do you believe that reading is one of life's greatest pleasures? Are you looking for a course that will indulge your love of reading, and give you the opportunity to deepen your understanding and appreciation of literature? If so, then English Literature at Chapeltown is for you! In English Literature we read, analyse, and debate a wide variety of prose, poetry, and drama texts. The study of English Literature equips you with the ability to critically analyse the texts that you read, and to think about their place in the canon of English Literature.

In particular, AQA English Literature A at AS focuses on the theme of Love through the ages, and will give you the opportunity to experience some of the very wide variety of literature written on this theme. The theme of 'love' is taken in its broadest sense, and we will study texts that deal with romantic love, obsessive love, familial love, and unrequited love, to name but a few. In particular, we will be reading Othello by William Shakespeare, The Awakening by Kate Chopin, and The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. We will also read a selection of love poetry written post-1900, and will be looking at how you can develop your skills of analysis for the unseen prose section of the exam.


If you love reading and writing, and have an appreciation of literature, then English Literature would be a perfect choice. Guest speakers in English Literature lessons might include literature (or history) specialists from other colleges and universities, university undergraduates, journalists, poets, writers. These speakers will provide you with invaluable information and insights to help you with the English Literature course, and will also provide you with an opportunity to think about the careers people go into after studying English Literature at University. As a student of English Literature, you might want to get involved in some of the activities on offer at Chapeltown Academy, such as the Creative Writing club or the Debating Society, and we often run visits to see plays at local theatres. 


Entry Requirements

B in English Language and B in English Literature. (If you’ve only studied English Language you’ll need an A grade in this subject).

Assessment for this subject at AS is by two 90-minute examinations.


Additional Information

Tutors: Kirsty Wright kwright@chapeltownacademy.com

Molly Vellacott mvellacott@chapeltownacademy.com 

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Where will English Literature take me?

Times change but one thing remains the same - people always have, and always will, write about literature.  This course will develop your understanding of literature as both an art form in itself, and a reflection of the contexts it was written in.  Far from being rooted in fiction, English Literature A-Level will give you priceless ’real-world‘ skills such as robust linguistic ability and sharpened analytical skills.  The course encourages independent thinking, while also equipping you with the skills you need to express your opinions coherently and persuasively.  

Going forward into Higher Education, aside from studying English itself at undergraduate level, this A-Level will also develop a solid basis for the further study of any essay-based subject, ranging from politics to history, psychology and law.