Current Students

Our current students have their say

Chapeltown Academy gets top marks from students!

We asked our students what they think of their school and this is what they said:

Pre-enrolment information, advice and guidance

“Before I started, Chapeltown Academy gave me lots of advice and guidance … I feel they did everything possible to help.”

“Before I started at Chapeltown, I enjoyed the induction and university trips as they made it easier to get to know people.”

“Before starting we were well informed and the days out were excellent. 10/10.”

“Before we started, I was told everything I needed to know. 10/10.”

“I would give Chapeltown Academy 10/10 for information, advice and guidance before I enrolled: it was excellent and there was nothing more they could have done.”

“I was helped a lot before coming to the Academy and would rate it 10/10.”

First day of term

“The first day of term was perfect for settling us in and the party was a nice climax.”

“The first day was very exciting; the teachers were all really friendly and helpful. I was made to feel very welcome.”

“I really enjoyed the first day of term. It gave everyone a chance to settle in and get to know each other.”

“On my first day, all the people were friendly and the timetable was great. 10/10.”

“I really enjoyed the first day of term as I met new people and really liked the teachers.”


“Everyone is very helpful and lessons are excellent. All the staff are nice and welcoming; you can have a laugh with them and you feel comfortable talking to them.”

“I like how small the classes are because we get more attention from the teachers.”

“Staff are all caring and cheerful all the time. 10/10.”

“The teachers show they are fully committed to helping us attain the best grades.”

“Staff are very approachable and enthusiastic.”

“All the teachers are very helpful and I feel I can easily ask them for help.”

 “All staff are very welcoming and helpful and are easy to find. 10/10.”

“Staff are amazing and really friendly.”

“Teaching is great.”

“I am very pleased with the amount of support we have received.”

“All staff members are friendly and a pleasure to talk to and available to help you in their free periods.”

“Staff 10/10: they are all welcoming and I feel comfortable going to any of them for help.


“My subjects and ratings are Chemistry 10/10, Biology 10/10, Psychology 10/10 and Politics 10/10.”

“English 10/10; History 10/10; Philosophy 10/10.”

 “I love all my subjects.”

Curriculum Bonus Time

“The Curriculum Bonus Time activities are fun and there’s a large range.”

10/10 for Curriculum Bonus Time – there’s something different for everyone.”

“I have really enjoyed the Curriculum Bonus Time. I feel it is a really good idea as it is useful for uni.”

10/10 for Curriculum Bonus Time – it will look great on applications and presents us with great skills.”

“Extra-curricular activities, e.g. sports and drama and Duke of Edinburgh, are varied and great for experiencing new things.

Common room

“The common room is so chilled that everyone has fun yet people can still study.”

“The common room is really spacious and gives everyone a chance to unwind and have fun playing pool or table tennis. 10/10.”

“The common room is a great place to go and chill out. It was a good idea to include the table tennis and pool table. There are lots of places to sit down and relax.”

“I love the common room – really warm and friendly. 10/10.”

“The common room is very comfy and relaxing. The sofas are fabulous as well.”

“I love the common room. I think it’s a good place to meet everyone and a good atmosphere.

Structure of the day

“Registered study allows time for us to do extra work / homework in a peaceful, non-stressful place.”

“Independent study is very, very helpful.”

“I have plenty of time to fit everything in and do lots of independent study. 10/10.”

“Free lessons and registered study allow me to get things done.”

“I really like the time we have for independent study.”

“I like having more time to do our own work.


“The laptops are easy to use and useful.”

“ICT 10/10: Microsoft download was very good.”

“Good quality laptops.”

The laptop scheme is very helpful and a good idea.”

“Computers and wifi are good. 10/10.”

“There are always laptops available in the library to use.”


“Classrooms are great! 10/10.”

“Classrooms are spacious and always clean.”

“Classrooms are spacious and nice to work in.”

“The classrooms are a very good learning environment.”


“I feel incredibly safe.”

“I feel very safe here. 10/10.”

“I always feel safe here.”


“Trips are massive in scale and really fun and educational.”

“Trips are really good and interesting; they will benefit our learning. 10/10.”

“There are trips to interesting places at reasonable cost.”

“The trips on offer are great.”

 “All trips sound amazing.”

“Trips are made accessible. 10/10.

Making friends

 “I’ve made lots of new friends.”

 “All the students are really hard working and nice.”

  “It is very easy to mix with others.”

  “I have spoken to everyone and made friends with them all! Everyone is very friendly.”

 And finally, students said:

“Thank you for setting up such a fantastic college!”

(You’re welcome! We’re having a great time too!)

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