Pastoral and SEND

Pastoral and SEND


The Academy's SEND coordinator is Amanda Southworth. She can be contacted on The Academy's main SEND policy can be downloaded here. 

We pride ourselves on our pastoral support structure for every single student, and look after students with special educational needs and disabilities. If you have any queries, please contact Amanda (email address above) who will be able to assist you. 

Pastoral Support

The Academy has a robust pastoral support network in place, with every student being allocated a tutor. The tutor is the central point of call for students and they will be able to help students and their parents with any queries or questions. The tutorial team is led by Deputy Head Teacher, Beth Thornton ( and for 2016/2017 is as follows

Audsley House

-         Dr. Khayzuran Hunter, Chemistry:

-         Kirsty Wright, English, Head of English & Languages,

-         Daniel Bailey, Philosophy & History:

Crossland House

-         Dr. Juliet Rowson, Geography, Head of Humanities and Social Sciences:

-         Catherine Clayton, Physics:

-         Beth Thornton, Maths, Deputy Head Teacher and Head of Maths & Computing:

Ibrahim House

-         Dr. Tim Montgomery, Politics:

-         Amanda Southworth, Maths & Computer Science, Student Services Manager:

-         Helen Deighton, Economics:

Khan House

-         Dr. Jackie Skeer, Biology, Head of Science:

-         Molly Vellacott, English:

-         Claire Hope, Psychology :