Studying at Chapeltown Academy

Studying at Chapeltown Academy

Chapeltown Academy is new and exciting and you may well be wondering what it might be like to study here and whether it is right for you.

We are a brand new sixth form with the aim of preparing you for entry to the world’s best universities and success in industry’s leading careers. If you are in Year 11 now and considering university and/or a professional career, then come and visit us and find out what we can do for you. This page should give you an indication. The starting point is our “values and belief statement”, which is as follows:

That third one is key. We expect your time at the Academy to be enjoyable and the only way that will happen is if you give your best, study-plannerall the time. We are looking for motivated young people who are going to thrive in an environment where you are both well supported and academically challenged.

We’re not a school, and we’re not a college. We’re a hybrid. That is to say, we’ll give you the support, care and individual attention you’ll get in a school or a school sixth form and the freedom, responsibility and new start you’ll get in a college.

The academy is a focussed, close-knit, dynamic environment where traditional A-Levels are taught in an exciting, progressive and effective way by people who are really passionate about their subjects. That’s the A-Level picture. Full details of our curriculum are available via the tabs above.

Next are the “soft-skills”. In summary, we know that getting to University is only part of the piece. Ultimately you need to be an effective, functioning member of society who can do well in a job interview and then succeed in the world of work. Soft-skills are therefore a key part of what happens at Chapeltown. In addition you’ll have a professional mentor assigned to you to provide external perspective and assist in the development of your portfolio of skills.

Moreover, we know how involved you get in extra-curricular activities and the massive benefit this has. We’ve built “curriculum bonus time” into our school day where you can pursue your “out-of-classroom” interests and indeed this is a compulsory part of the school day. We want you to try something new and get brilliant at what you’re already good at. We want an Academy of young people who are passionate not only about their subjects but are also artists, musicians, adventurers, sportspeople, linguists, debaters and thespians.

It is also worth noting that different curriculum areas run trips both at home and abroad to support and complement your A-Level study at the Academy and this is enabled by our frequent two week breaks separating six, short, sharp terms.

The thing about Chapeltown is that our size enables us to get to know you as individuals. The only way we can support you to achieve brilliantly at A-Level is by specialising in providing an environment for like-minded students. We’re a small community and we support and help each other succeed at the highest level. We’re also a demanding environment where we expect significant effort across the board. That is a key ingredient for success.

If this sounds like an environment in which you want to be, then see the page on “How to Apply”.