Chapeltown Academy’s Anushka is a Maths Olympiad Champion!

Super Mathematician Anushka Suyal has been praised by her Maths teachers for her brilliant mathematical brain; Anushka was selected for the British Maths Olympiad Round One – that is equivalent to getting to the World Cup Quarter Finals so what a fantastic achievement at age 16!

Anushka had the highest score of all students in Chapeltown Academy far above her age level.


We managed to catch up with Anushka in between her A level lessons and asked her a few questions…



Anushka hello and what do you like about Maths?

It is amazing – I love the sequences and how you visualise everything.

Everything is conceptual and there is a proof behind it so everything has a real explanation – I love that!



What happened with the Maths Olympiad – you were selected last December?

Yes! I was selected and that was really exciting – you think I am one of those people! You have

3 and a half hours to figure out the answers– it was really fun for me – I didn’t get bored I just really enjoyed it!


Why did you choose Chapeltown Academy?

 I found the most enthusiastic response and brilliant support.

I love studying here – my maths teachers are so supportive – they clarify everything.

In Physics the teacher is always finding new and interesting ways to make it fun and in

 Computer Science the teacher understands my interest and inspires and supports us as we are working on our own projects.



What are your future plans?

I want to go to University to study for a Maths degree or possibly computer science which is another passion.



Do you have any down time and if so how do you spend it?

I love music – Taylor Swift is inspiring for success and positivity.

I also love coding in my free time – there is always more to learn! It is fascinating when you can add more features and there are so many interesting possibilities.


Maths teacher Dr Hinchcliffe added, ‘Anushka exemplifies the positive mental attitude and impressive motivation of our students. Her achievement at the Maths Olympiad is remarkable and we are delighted her talent has been recognised.’


Congratulations Anushka!