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Computer Science

Computer Science is becoming more relevant in the world we live in as technological advances have developed so much in the last ten years. Many universities are now expecting students to be able to write code in order to apply for degree subjects such as Maths and Engineering. Computer Science is a brand new subject for 2015/16 as the specification has changed across the country. It is the combination of maths, programming, logic, problem solving and computer law and ethics that make it a clear choice for so many students studying it at Chapeltown Academy. 

Problem Solving gives students the opportunity to use their mathematical skills and logical thinking in conjunction with algorithms and programming techniques. In Computer Systems, students discover the inner workings of the computer and how they interact with each other. Also they discover the user interfaces that are already available as well as future developments in the pipeline. 

Legal, ethical, moral and social issues are discussed in order for students to become responsible programmers and users. The rise of Facebook and Twitter is just the beginning of the story when it comes to social media. Artificial intelligence is an area that pupils find fascinating and we look at the ethical implications of developing this technology. 

There are varying degrees of ability when it comes to programming and even if you are a complete beginner, there will be support for you to learn a programming language that is easy to use. However this does not restrict the more advanced programmers from trying new languages. 

We have high specification laptops especially purchased to give students better programming capability, using Python as the main language however other languages are supported in the programming coursework in Year 13, such as C++ and Java. Students are also encouraged to spend time researching the new technologies and careers that are available.>

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