Chapeltown Performers visit Stocksbridge High School to showcase drama and musical talent…

Talented performers from Chapeltown Academy visited Stocksbridge High School recently offering an entertaining selection of sketches, songs, comical slapstick and a classical guitar concerto to an appreciative audience of Y9.

It was the first visit for Chapeltown A level students giving them the chance to perform to an outside audience and the reception was fantastic.  Trinity Vickers, in charge of sound effects and also playing the role of Greta Strasser in a version of Kafka’s  The Metamorphosis said,

‘It was really fun and very interesting being in front of a large audience! I was very focused on the timing of the slapping sounds in our slapstick piece and making sure they were synchronised with the performance. Luckily they all were!’

Leoni Nicholson playing Mrs Strasser commented,

‘It was scary but as I began I was very glad I had the opportunity. One challenge was I had to mime slowly folding for most of the piece while also listening out for my cues – I don’t really do any folding at home so that was my challenge!’

For Luke Sanderson playing the central comic character of the cleaner and Gregor Strasser who transforms into an insect the audience reaction was a big plus,

‘There was a lot of laughter from the audience – that meant we did a good job!’

Fellow performer Jack Johnson commented on the talented guitar and singer soloists Joshua Disley and Gabrielle- Wallis- Cutts who opened the performance,

‘This was so calming and created exactly the right mood. Joshua is really talented! And Gabriel has an amazing singing voice! Months of hard work and dedication went into the entire performance and we were able to show off what we can do and hopefully inspire some younger students at Stocksbridge.

When we heard the audience laughing I felt euphoric – a wave of excitement. At the end you become calm and relieved – every performance helps you grow as an actor and it was all worth it! ‘

 A big thank you to our hosts at Stocksbridge High School for organising our visit – we really had fun and hope to return again with our next performances – the word is electric guitar will be involved and some virtuoso acting treats – we can’t wait ?