Minerva Learning Trust

We are proud that Chapeltown Academy is part of Minerva Learning Trust

We (Minerva Learning Trust) are a Multi-Academy Trust which is recognised as one of the largest and highest performing family of schools in the city of Sheffield. Our vision is to provide an outstanding education for students who are from a wide variety of backgrounds across our region. We are immensely proud of our inclusive nature and how our work promotes cultural cohesion and strengthens community bonds.

We believe that schools should enhance the educational provision of an area, especially for the most vulnerable, and that they should make a significant contribution to the community in which they are set. Together, we work hard to ensure that all children within our care have access to high-quality educational provision that provides them with the skills, qualities, and experiences they need to be successful and to positively contribute to society.

We strongly believe that schools are stronger by working together.
Together, we create the vision, the strategic direction, and the educational strategy which enables all students in our Trust to flourish regardless of their background or starting point – both academically, socially, and emotionally.

We support your school by providing:

  • Support from experienced education professionals in developing an excellent educational provision for all
  • Access to the Minerva Learning Collaborative Alliance which provides a range of Continuous Professional Development opportunities and leadership programmes for all of our staff
  • Opportunities to share best practice between schools and colleagues within and beyond our network
  • Opportunities for our children and young people to work with students from others schools and to take part in Trust wide events
  • Access to a range of resources across the school’s physical sites including our excellent sporting facilities
  • Support for leadership and governance to ensure our schools are led effectively and with integrity
  • A range of business support services provided by our highly qualified central team
  • A focus upon retaining our school’s individual identities and cultural autonomy so the schools continue to serve their community
  • Care and understanding relating to all health and wellbeing matters; for our students and our staff
  • A voice in the direction and development of the Trust for staff, students, Parents/Carers and stakeholders


We offer our students:

  • Schools which work hard to break down barriers, to drive cultural cohesion and to promote community respect
  • A belief that a child’s background or circumstance should not inhibit their ambition and success
  • Schools which value students as individuals
  • A rich and varied school experience with high quality teaching, a board and balanced curriculum and access to a wide variety of enrichment opportunities
  • Access to resources beyond their school’s physical site
  • Robust safeguarding procedures and strong emotional support

If you would like to understand more about the Minerva Learning Trust and our role in supporting education in the Sheffield City Region then visit: www.minervalearningtrust.co.uk or complete our enquiry form: Contact : Minerva Learning Trust

We are proud of the way we operate and what our schools achieve.


Together, We Are Minerva.

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