Chapeltown Academy Ambassador Katie

Newbie Chapeltown Ambassador Katie Booker spills the beans…

At our recent Open Evening the new ambassadors were busy leading tours for prospective students and their parents, fielding questions, and showing off the classrooms and the teachers! Here’s what Katie thinks:

My first experience as an ambassador by Katie Booker Y12

Why did I decide to volunteer to be a Chapeltown Academy ambassador?

I became an ambassador because I like feeling part of something that helps others and I want to inspire the younger generation as well.

It’s a good experience because you develop communication skills plus, I find it incredibly rewarding personally as I feel it helps with my ability to talk to others and help them find their path into a great future. Also, we get pizza!

The recent Open Evening was brilliant as at the beginning of the evening I found myself playing piano tunes to create a fantastic ambience as visitors arrived! I then lead tours and tried my best to answer all questions or point the way to someone who did know the answer. We had over 300 visitors, so it was busy all evening!

I am having such a positive experience at Chapeltown I feel as if I want to advise others who don’t realise what we can offer. The support is fantastic, and I am really enjoying life here.

(The pizza is good too)