Pastoral & SEND

At Chapeltown Academy we pride ourselves on our pastoral support structure for every single student, and look after students with special educational needs and disabilities.

Pastoral Support

When a student joins Chapeltown Academy they are assigned to a house. The tutor at the head of the house is the central point of call for students and they will be able to help students and their parents with any queries or questions.

Audsley House

Crossland House

Ibrahim House

Khan House


Our SEND Information Report details how we work to ensure that our facilities and teaching arrangements are not only accessible and compliant but are designed to ensure every person can achieve their full potential here at Chapeltown Academy.

All activities are fully accessible to all learners including those with SEND. Consultations occur between staff and students to ensure that reasonable adjustments are made and that SEND is not a barrier to participation.

We work closely with the secondary schools to identify students transitioning with additional needs to ensure that the right support is put in place for new year 12s. In addition to the above, all Chapeltown Academy students’ progress is tracked every half term and there are consultations with parents where appropriate.

Outside of the support you will receive at Chapeltown Academy, our SEND students can access a range of help, guidance, activities and support through the Local Offer. Please follow one of the links below, dependent upon where you live:

Helen Deighton is the Academy’s SEND coordinator and she can be contacted on


SEND Information Report

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