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Statement to support 16 to 19 tuition funding

We commit to the support of disadvantaged and students from deprivation areas, whose learning has been disrupted due to the COVID 19 pandemic during the 2019 to 2021 academic years.
As per the condition of the 16-19 tuition funding, our Post 16 cohort students without at least a grade 4 in GCSE Maths and English will be the priority groups.

We also aim to support students without grade 5s in GCSE Maths and/or English Lang.
We aim for the group sizes to be less than five students. Research from the Education Endowment Foundation (2018) suggests that small group tuition of between two and five students is more effective than larger groups. This enables the teacher to closely match the work to the students’ needs in order to teach focused and specific content. Small group tuition also allows regular checks on learning and greater feedback.

In order to facilitate the extra tuition of these students and provide the time and intervention needed to improve their outcomes, extra sessions will be made available to the selected groups in both Maths and Eng Lang GCSE, but also in other A level subjects which are being supported along side the GCSE time. This will enable the students in their chosen A level courses to also have extra tuition and intervention.

These extra hours will provide support, mostly at present through online intervention, but also in the months to come through on site extra sessions. As part of the effort to support students on grade 4 GCSE, the maths staff will be providing ‘maths for scientists’ to help in their A level science courses. Those with a grade 4 in maths will be attending these specific and targeted extra sessions.

The success and outcomes of the students and their progress will be monitored over the coming weeks and months using our bespoke Chapeltown tracker, so that value add data can be analysed for each student, we are using the tuition fund to support.

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