Financial Support

Chapeltown Academy is committed to doing its best to help all students to access the education it provides and help students financially when possible. We have a small amount of funding to distribute for the purpose of discretionary student bursaries. The discretionary bursary scheme covers expenses for example; laptop, travel, meals, books and equipment.

The school follows strict guidelines and criteria when awarding discretionary bursaries. In most cases applicants with a household income of below £30,000 will be eligible for this bursary in the academic year of 2024-25.

Types of Bursary:

Laptop Bursary
: If a student has no regular access to a laptop or desktop PC at home, they can apply for a laptop. This is issued to the student to use as their own, at the end of their studies they must return it to the Academy. The laptop comes complete with Microsoft Office software, and all students are set up with a school email address.

Travel bursary: If a student is not eligible for a free transport from the Local Authority then they can apply for a travel bursary. The bursary can vary in monetary value, but is usually a weekly bus pass for use on local buses or a monthly rail pass. Payment is made weekly or monthly following the production of the bus or rail pass or ticket. For students who travel to college via car a weekly petrol allowance will be issued based on distance travelled.

Books and equipment: Where eligible, the school will provide the academic books/equipment required at the start of their studies with us. They will also receive an allowance based on subject choices to use throughout the year for any further books required. At the end of your studies these books are to be returned to the Academy.

Meals: Students can be awarded a daily meal allowance which is currently £5 per day to be used at the onsite café. This can be used towards breakfast and/or lunch and can be used throughout the day.

The deadline for applications is Friday 6th September to be processed in the first batch. Applications submitted after this date will be considered but may be delayed in been processed. We appreciate that student circumstances may change during the academic year, therefore applications can be made at any time, and will be assessed following the criteria.

Final decisions
All bursary applicants will be informed of the outcome of the process in writing by Friday 13th September including which type of bursary has been awarded, how much the bursary is worth, and how the funding can be claimed by the student. Students should keep all travel costs (e.g. bus tickets) from 3rd September, as these can be claimed in retrospect, following award of a bursary. Meals will be provided during the first two weeks to all applicants and is not expected to be paid back should the application be declined.

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