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When a child or young person you care for is experiencing difficulties with their wellbeing and mental health, it can be hard to know what to do and how to get the correct support. Signs that a young person might be struggling with their mental health can include:

– Changes to their eating and sleeping habits.

– A lack of motivation in their education or employment.

– Sudden behavioural changes or a low mood.

– Avoiding social contact with friends or family.

– Seeming overwhelmed by day to day activities.

The first and most important thing to do if you have concerns about a young persons mental health is to talk to them. By letting them know you are there for them and willing to listen, you can offer a vital opportunity for them to express their fears or setbacks and start a conversation about how to move forward. Remember to reassure them that mental health issues are a normal and natural part of life and that they are not alone.

If you need to speak to a member of staff there are dedicated staff members who can be contacted so we can help:

In the first instance your child’s allocated tutor should be contacted. Further support can be requested from our wellbeing team at



Helping to support your child’s mental health

YoungMinds is a charity who offer mental health guidance and support to young people and their parents/carers. They offer a free Parents Helpine for detailed advice, emotional support and signposting about a child or young person up to the age of 25. 0808 802 5544 from 9:30am – 4pm, Mon – Fri. They also have lots of information and resources on their website.

Guides/Leaflets the free guides and information leaflets below offer some additional guidance on a number of issues young people might face and how a parent/carer can best support them.

Young People with Anxiety: A Guide for Parents and Carers

A Parent’s Guide to Depression

Uniquely Me: A Parent’s Guide to Building Body Confidence

ADHD: A Guide For Parents

Coping With Self Harm: A Guide for Parents and Carers

Helping your Child with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: A Parents/Carers Guide

Eating Disorders: A Guide for Friends and Family

Emotionally Based School Avoidance

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