Teacher and Support Staff Wellbeing

Teacher and Support Staff Wellbeing

As educators, our own wellbeing is a key and central part of how well equipped we feel to deliver our best work and support our students in their own wellbeing. As a college, Chapeltown Academy are commited to offering support to help us feel our best and do our best.

Research study into the links between staff wellbeing and school performance concluded that:

  • How teachers feel on a daily basis is likely to affect their performance and, in turn, the performance of the pupils they teach
  • Happier, motivated teachers may make pupils feel happier, motivated and more confident
  • Happier teachers may also be able to concentrate better on the job of teaching and experience more motivation to help pupils in need of special attention

Changes and fluctuations to our mental health and wellbeing are a normal part of life and when these arise, it’s important that we feel supported and know who and where to turn for support and guidance.

Adult services and helplines

Counselling Service Information

If things are becoming difficult or you are facing new challenges that are proving hard, there are dedicated members of staff you can get in touch with to gain additional support. In the first instance your allocated line manager should be contacted. Further support can be requested from our wellbeing team at wellbeing@chapeltown-mlt.co.uk.

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