Alternative Learning Pathways & Provision

As a school we aim to be inclusive and treat students as individuals, considering their additional needs. All teachers have responsibility to ensure that all students in their lessons progress and achieve their potential in that subject.

Lessons are planned to ensure that the needs of all students are met. Quality first teaching includes differentiation and personalised teaching programmes and lessons are monitored to ensure this happens. Teaching staff are monitored regularly on their inclusivity and planning.

We seek to promote good relationships between staff and students. We welcome contact from parents on any aspect of their child’s education. We appreciate that the “one size fits all” approach does not work for our students and bespoke packages of education and timetable are sometimes needed.

Support may include a range of different learning activities and the use of specific resources; all of which are pre-planned by teachers. Classroom teachers have teaching and learning continual professional development to ensure that quality first teaching is maintained.

All class teachers feedback both social and academic information to the school SENDCo prior to the review process. Learning takes place in many contexts. Our Personal Development program aims to give students the skills and knowledge required to make informed decisions, develop as self and make positive impacts on society.

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