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Drama and Theatre

Drama and Theatre

Do you enjoy acting in, designing, or directing pieces of drama and theatre? Are you looking for a course that will combine your love of analysing and watching plays, with your desire to hone your own theatrical skills? If so, then studying Drama and Theatre at Chapeltown would be a perfect choice!

Our Approach

In Drama and Theatre, you will read and analyse a play, looking at how actors, designers and directors might interpret the text and consider how it might be performed. You will also prepare for, view, and discuss a live performance of a different play, focusing on the work of live theatre makers. In addition to this, there is a performance element to this specification, where you will take on a particular role of a live theatre maker to produce a theatrical performance. You may choose to take on the role of performer, lighting designer, sound designer, set designer, costume designer, puppet designer or director.

If you love performing, designing or directing, and have an appreciation of drama, then Drama and Theatre would be a perfect choice. Guest speakers in Drama and Theatre lessons might include drama or theatre specialists from other colleges and universities, university undergraduates, playwrights, singers, or actors. These speakers will provide you with invaluable information and insights to help you with the Drama and Theatre course, and will also provide you with an opportunity to think about the careers people go into after studying Drama and Theatre Studies at University. As a student of Drama and Theatre, you might want to get involved in some of the activities on offer at Chapeltown Academy, such as the Music Society or Performing Arts, and we often run visits to see plays at local theatres. 


Course Level


Entry Requirements

The Academy’s general entry criteria of a minimum of five 4s at GCSE apply, including Maths. A grade 5 in English Language and English Literature is needed to study Drama at A Level.

Additional Course Information

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Brigidin Crowther- bcrowther@chapeltownacademy.com

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