Film Studies

Film Studies

What’s A Level Film Studies about?

This course is ideal for students who want to explore how and why films are made. It is analytical and theoretical as well as practical. It includes making your own short film and also studying and analysing some of the greatest films ever made.

Our Approach

Theory We will study a wide range of different types of films from blockbusters, indie, foreign language films and experimental cinema. In film history, we trace cinema from US and European silent cinema to the studio system through to New Hollywood. This is alongside European Film movements such as German
Expressionism and Surrealism.


Practical You will shoot and edit short tasks throughout the year to experiment with cinema forms, alongside workshops on creative writing, cinematography, editing, lighting and sound.

All students produce either a short film (5 minutes) or a screenplay (with photographed storyboard).


What will the work involve?

You will analyse films, debate films, learn how to write intelligently about films and also how to make films.

There will be opportunities to attend film festivals and submit your films to competitions!

3 elements: Film History, Critical Approaches to Film, Making a Short Film NEA


What background do I need?

A passion for a wide range of cinema is essential for success in Film Studies A level


Where can it lead in the future?

The creative industries are one of the fastest growing sectors in the economy and there are great opportunities for jobs in film and digital in Yorkshire. There are many exciting University degree courses with multimedia industry placements at the BBC, film companies and in television. Technical skills are also always in demand to crew productions.


What combines well with A Level Film studies at A level?

As well as combining really well with English Literature, it is a good choice with Philosophy, Politics, Sociology, Psychology and History. It is also a great subject if you have a passion for business as film is one of the most influential global businesses!


Learning Roadmap & Curriculum Intent Plans

Film Studies Roadmap

Y12 Film Studies CIP


Course Level


Entry Requirements

The Academy’s general entry criteria of a minimum of five 4s at GCSE apply, including Maths. A grade 5 in English Language and English Literature is needed to study Film Studies at A Level.

Additional Course Information

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