Maths & Further Maths

Maths and Further Maths

Mathematics is one of the purest of all the fields of study, and gives logic and reason to all the applied fields. It is the universal language that transcends culture, religion and beliefs. In your GCSE studies, you have barely scraped the surface of the types of equations and fields of study that come under the umbrella of Mathematics. At A-Level you start to meet more of these, such as Logarithms and Calculus, to build up the key mathematical techniques you will need to study any science, technology, engineering or Maths-based subjects at degree level.


Learning Roadmap & Curriculum Intent Plans

Y12 Maths Roadmap

Y12 Further Maths Roadmap

Y13 Maths Roadmap

Y13 Further Maths Roadmap

Y12 Maths CIP

Y12 Maths CIP- Teacher 1

Y12 Maths CIP- Teacher 2

Y12 Further Maths CIP 1

Y12 Further Maths CIP 2

Y13 Maths CIP

Y13 Maths CIP- Teacher 1

Y13 Maths CIP- Teacher 2

Y13 Further Maths CIP 1

Y13 Further Maths CIP 2



Course Level


Entry Requirements

The Academy’s general entry criteria of a minimum of five 4s at GCSE applies. A grade 6 in Maths is required to study Maths A-Level, and a grade 8 to study Further Maths (or 7 in both Maths and Additional Maths).

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Doug Neal

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